Hubs had off work yesterday, and we got started with RockBand in the afternoon, after meeting Rad and Nae (our white friends) for an impromptu lunch at Chez Chili’s. We were doing so well that soon the game opened up a whole new option: The Endless Set List. Normally, you can play anywhere from one to five songs in a sitting, depending on the city your band is “in,” and the size of the “venue” you’re playing.

The Endless Set List is 58 songs. It’s every song in the game, in one sitting.

We didn’t have any plans last night, so we decided to go for it. Our road to rock immortality began at 7:23 PM. We were full of energy and very proud of ourselves for getting so far. We’re already “Hall of Famers,” so at this point, we’re just playing to be totally legendary. After five or six songs, we take a quick bathroom/hydration break, and then get back to jamming hardcore riffs and whatnot.

This is the schedule for most of the evening. Play several songs, then pause for a quick pit stop and a stretch. The songs got progressively harder, but we were up for the challenge. It was an epic battle. Our energy started to wan around 10:30 PM, with 19 songs still left on the roster. Could we do it? Would we be become Lengendary?!


At 11:17 PM we were booed off the stage while playing our 51st song. I believe it was Green Grass & High Tides, by the Outlaws but we were pretty much brain dead at that point. It could have been anything. I do recall yelling to Hubs, “I CAN’T SAVE YOU!” when it looked like we were going down. We unplugged the game immediately.

We might have been disappointed but for the wave of euphoria that washed over both of us as soon as the screen went blank.

This is my parting gift to you. It’s a real person playing the song we fake-play on RockBand. Wait for 00:50. She’s 13 years old.


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