Vacay Fabulousness

Yeah, that’s us, and yeah, we know we’re hot.

We spent pretty much all day on Tuesday in a fancy schmansy mall in San Antonio. We bought our fantastic outfits, just as Hubs wished (we are not “long-haul” shoppers, so this was really an event for us). We also decided to get haircuts, since we both needed one, and we had ample salons to choose from (we counted six in our casual walk-throughs of the mall). Seven hours, people. We spent seven hours in a mall.

Then we jetted back to our penthouse hotel room (seriously, we got a huge, sweet room, mainly because the hotel “upgraded” us to a weird suite with little beds before we even arrived, and we decided to make a fuss, since we weren’t really that interested in the couch in another little room, were we?) to get gussied up for our fancy dinner. End result? We looked amazing.

Awesome idea, Hubs. You rock.


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