awesome PRESENT, new BLOGS

First of all, there are some new blogs that I plan on checking daily 1) Because they are beautiful, 2) because they are written by people I really like, and 3) because they are sure to be entertaining (all people I like are entertaining). They are listed in the sidebar, on the “blogroll.”

But here’s one I’m especially excited about. Because I get to help:

(Click on the photo to get to the blog.)

“Double L Guitars” is an artisan’s blog for all things luthier (that’s someone who makes or repairs stringed intstruments).

In other news, as soon as Hubs got home from a 13 hour shift yesterday, I hopped in the Jeep and took off for San Antonio. It was a present-collecting/installing trip, so very short (Texas short, only 7 hours) and very exciting. On the way, I stopped at a gas station, to replenish my Sugar Daddy supply (it’s the only food I eat during road trips, passes the time beautifully. It’s just the right amount of delicious and perplexing to keep you occupied without totally absorbing all your attention). Two things caught my eye. One was the price of gas (we’re at bartering prices out here. I could easily trade a carton of eggs for a gallon of gas) and the other was this gem:

In my world, signs like this doesn’t need to exist. Who goes shopping for less than 6 beers?

Of course, the thing that’s most amusing about these kinds of things is not their existence. While amusing, the sign itself is just a doorway into the land of make-believe. My favorite is the man in overalls and a “Big Dog” t-shirt (sleeves ripped off long ago), lumbering up to the counter with three six packs and three stray cans of Natty Ice, and getting into a long, heated argument with the cashier because he just has to have 21 beers, and he doesn’t want 24, he only wants 21 and he’ll be darned if he’s going to pay for an extra three beers that he doesn’t even want, gol’ dangit.

Anyway, on to San Antonio. I was in and out of the “purchasing” part of the trip in less than 15 minutes. The rest of my time there was spent waiting for the awesome present to be installed in the Jeep. (The sound guy gave me a snort and a “you weren’t kidding” when he finally heard the speakers that I was pretty sure were totally blown out, despite not having heard anything from them in over a year.) Then, the drive home, which was considerably more enjoyable than the ride up, due to a brand new CD deck, with a direct connect to the iPod, and brand new speakers, which deliver clear, beautiful sound, even over the roar of 70+ mph wind through the totally open Jeep. I had to pull over about four times, so I could play with the controls without veering off the side of the road into a ditch or some overwhelming ranch-fence (they’re serious about their barbed-wire and electricity out here).

Hubs had just woken up when I got home, so I suggested a drive to Del Rio, for some excellent BBQ food. He was not enthusiastic about the idea, but like a good sport, agreed. While he was getting prepped, I wrapped the faceplate for the CD deck. Right before we left, I “relented,” and let him open one of his presents (he’s that guy who starts asking you, “what’d you get me??” three months before his birthday, and then, “can I have my presents now??” about three weeks before the day, even though he doesn’t actually want to know at all, until the day of). I think he was taken aback. I’ve been rock-solid thus far; I can say, “I’m not telling you,” and, “no, it’s called waiting,” in my sleep. Suddenly, I’m offering his “big present” two days early. He protested, pretty adamantly. And I would have been glad for him to wait another day or so, except the whole CD-player section of the Jeep looked wildly different (a lot more functional) than it had a few hours before, and I knew he would notice. So no more waiting.

Delighted is the word I would use to describe his reaction. Delighted and very surprised. “Not as tired any more,” and “totally game for a long car-ride” would also be included in the description. “It hooks up to the iPod?!” Yes. “New speakers?!” Yes. “It’s a CD player, too?!” Yes. “That display is amazing!!” Yes.

The whole ride to Del Rio, and the whole ride back featured Hubs with a grin on his face, singing loudly to his favorite songs.

Happy Birthday!


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