i am addicted to this video game

Nae invited me over on Friday night. Her husband was at work, Hubs was heading out shortly, so I went over. We watched a movie, standard “hang out” fare. Then she offered to break out a new game they had just gotten, called Rock Band. It’s made by the same people who made Guitar Hero, only this game has drums and a microphone, as well as the guitar and bass functions. I tried both drums and guitar, liked the drums better (which worked because Nae happens to like the guitar better) and ended up playing for four hours straight.

Last night (Saturday), repeat. We started earlier, and we ended earlier, due to neither of us being able to stay awake until 3:30 am again. But I think it’s safe to say I’m addicted. Now every song I hear gets the accompanying Rock Band screen display of “note” progression.

I’m very curious to see if I could make real drums sound decent. I’m so impressed with myself and my fake-drum abilities.

Hubs’ experience so far seems to be pretty good. He’s running the gamut of duties available, and preforming admirably (of course). I’m not sure that he’s enjoying the graveyard shift, but other than that, doing well. He’s sleeping right now.


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