so ronery

Woke up this morning, Hubs was at work, Cayber is back in NJ, and I have the big new apartment all to myself. Not as fabulous as you might think. I’ve been overly-productive, though. Kitchen is clean, hair is done (it’s a first in weeks, definitely an accomplishment), bills reviewed, and soon a blog will be posted. Pretty good for the first half of the day.

I rented a vehicle this weekend. Txsil and Txbil had an awards ceremony to attend on Saturday night and I was going to have to drive a while to get Cay to an airport anyway, so she got a flight out of Austin instead of San Antonio. We had a lovely drive in a snazzy vehicle (2008 Seabring with satellite radio. Oh yeah.)

(pic: Austin skyline) We stopped at Ikea before heading over to the house. I’ve got Ikea DTs. Now that I’m in a new apartment I feel this overwhelming compulsion to Ikea every square inch of the place. Since they offer store credit, it was a dangerous visit. I worked out a nice compromise, though. Only stayed about an hour on Friday night, made a list of all the things I want/need. Then we left. I took stock the next day, did some calculations, and came up with a list that wouldn’t tank our “budget.” Next time, Ikea credit card. Next time.

As always, it was a good visit at Txsil’s. She’s always so delighted to see us! Cay was a trip. She’s an excellent person to bring along pretty much anywhere. Like a goodwill ambassador. Unfortunately, Cay and I had to wake up before the rest of the world on Saturday morning so she could get to the airport in time to catch her flight. I’m not going to lie. I was hoping something would go weird and she’d have to stay an extra week or 52. But she made it out of Texas without incident.

After I got back from dropping Cay off, we attended M’s flag-football game. It was cold. Not Jersey cold, but definitely Texas cold. Pics are of M, with a sweet neon-green mouth guard; W, freezing (not really, he’s tough); and baby G, playing with grass (fascinated).

Txsil wanted to try Ikea for herself (she’s looking for baby furniture), so we all headed over there after the game (M’s team won, by the way). Txsil was enchanted with the store, so I’m delighted to have another convert. I collected the necessary items from my sadly truncated Ikea list. The boys were less than impressed. They had Wii on the brain (only allowed to play on the weekends). The trip was pretty short compared to a full-out Ikea visit, but we got what we needed. I got my Ikea fix, and Txsil found a new place to shop for her new, huge house. Those Swedes are so good.

The boys spent the evening playing Wii, baby G and I spent the evening watching. She’s teething, but is so good natured that a little bit of baby Tylenol and half a bottle solved all problems. All three were about the easiest kids I’ve ever babysat. They even went to bed (and to sleep!) as soon as they were told! Simply astonishing.

Slept in Sunday morning, and spent most of the day driving. Hubs and I went out for some Chili’s when I got home. I think the whole Academy thing really wonked-out my ability to spend time away from him. We were both so glad to see each other again, you’d think we had been separated for weeks! I probably won’t be venturing out from home for a long bit without him.

Hubs’ last group-shift was very exciting, spent tracking and running through brush. He looks impressive.

Lovely visit, lovely trip, lovely to be home. Next step is a doggy, we think. That’s sure to be interesting!


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