so much ACTIVITY!!

First of all, it’s been in my head all morning. Now it can be in yours. (By the way, if you haven’t seen this movie, you are dying a little inside. All the time.)

Ok, so many pictures (you have Cayber to thank), with several stories to accompany. Please buckle your computer-belts.

We cleaned the kitchen yesterday morning, in order to make way for all the caking and baking of the afternoon. I wanted to sleep in it, it was so lovely. The photos are assorted photos of cleaning and then baking. If you click on them, they get bigger.

Let me just share with you, after a lifetime of slaving away over the TV, only to watch my favorite Philly teams choke up time and time and time again, how nice it is to watch a game where the team is in a pinch, has victory within their grasp, and WINS. Not an “oops” win, either. A real, respectable win. Cayber and I made a crimson and blue cake for KU (the guy who had everyone over to watch the NCAA championship game is a ridiculous KU fan). The cake was phenomenal, watching a winning team was exhilarating. PS: Thank you, ACMoore crew, for the fabulous caking materials, without which the fabulous cake would not have been possible. Also, thank you, husband and Gee, for my KitchenAid products. I love them way more than kitchen appliances should be loved.

At one point, there are 20 seconds left in overtime, KU is only up by one golden play. The rest of the guests are chatting, exalting, getting up to eat some cake. Hubs, Cayber, and I are glued to the TV screen. I finally turn around and ask why everyone is ignoring the game. D says, “well they pretty much won.” We three looked at each other, befuddled. And they did win, which was the weirdest part. What must it be like to belong to a team like that? A team where the last minute is the victory minute, where you get to start cheering, rather than the minute of supreme defeat, where your 10-point lead is lost by horrific mistakes and dreadful flubs.

On to the other big story. Early in the morning yesterday, a little “drip-drop” sounded in my ear. It was the AC vent, leaking quite a bit of water. When we walked over to the main office to let them know about it, they told me it was probably the AC unit, frozen and defrosting. They would send an AC guy over. Seven hours and many filled pots later, no AC guy. Hubs gets home, and goes into totally awesome mode. He marched right over to the office, demanded service before the day was out, and an AC guy was over within minutes. Guess what?! It’s not an AC issue, the pipes over our bathroom are leaking! See that dripping bubble in the ceiling (it had just appeared), that’s a problem. At this point, the office is closed. The AC guy assures us that he’ll continue to call the emergency maintenance number until he gets an answer.

10 minutes later, many more drips have appeared, and no one from emergency maintenance has arrived. Hubs, still in awesome mode, leaves to find the apartment where one of the office people live. Adapt and overcome and Ooh-rah and whatnot. He finds one of the maintenance guys, who walks in, takes a casual look, then speeds way up. Five minutes and two more workers later, there are two large (LARGE) holes in our bathroom ceiling, covered with cardboard. They’ll be back in two days (once the sheetrock dries) to patch the holes.

This new place is pretty much a story-producing gold-mine.

Today, Hubs will be taking us on a tour of the town. At this point he’s been patrolling for months. He knows where all the normal things are (station, WalMart, bowling alley, golf-course), and also where the interesting thing are. I’m very excited. So is Cayber. Hubs is a fun tour-guide. And it’s his day off, which means he’ll be in awesome-mode all day.


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