Cayber Visits!

I’m cleaning house! This is a recycled post from last year. Enjoy or delete, as you wish!

My new buddy Nae offered her company and her vehicle for the drive to San Antonio to pick up Cayber. We had a lovely time. Nae seemed slightly overwhelmed by two of me, but I think she enjoyed hearing our stories just as much as we enjoyed telling them!

This morning, Hubs squished the tarantula (which was still sitting in the same place I found it yesterday. We think the multiple chemicals coating all exterior and interior seams might be working.) and then went for a run. Cay and I headed over to the old apartment to carry out the large pile of trash I had accumulated while moving everything over. Hubs joined us about halfway through. The pile was depleted so quickly! And we are officially done with the old apartment!

Then Cay and I spent an hour or two organizing stuff in the new place while Hubs got ready for work. The improvement is fabulous. We took a bunch of “before” pictures, but I think I’ll wait to share them until we have some “after” ones.

SOOO exciting to have Cay visiting. We are on our way out to the pool; it’s 96 degrees out. Woot!

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