quick update (more later)

Hubs passed all his exams with flying colors, and with glowing remarks from his proctors. We are very pleased.

We’re in the midst of moving into the new apartment. Internet was just switched back on (about an hour ago) after a week’s hiatus. I missed it. So. Much.

My Ma and Pa were in San Antonio for the weekend, as were we. It was a lovely visit, a wonderful, celebratory mini-vacay. We ate lots and lots of really really good food. (Thank you, again, Njsil, for the Melting Pot. That place is so good I want to camp in a tent on their front lawn.) We experienced real traffic. We went to a Gap. Fabulous trip.

Parents did a quick overnight to our neck of the woods so Dad could see the apartment(s) and Mom could get a more thorough tour than the one she got when she came out on her visit of healing.

We’ve had a great week. Tomorrow we move the big furniture, including the bed, to the new apartment. We can do this because our bed frame (no more mattress on the floor) arrived while we were out. So the “official” move is tomorrow. Then, Wednesday, we head out to Lake Amistad to enjoy the sweltering heat.

Yes, we’ve reached sweltering, and here we shall stay until mid-November. There are more than just roaches to battle with, now. In the last two days I’ve encountered a huge swarm of fire-ants (about 50 feet from our new apartment, SO exciting), large carpenter bees hovering over the steps of our old apartment, many spiders taking refuge from the heat in our cool, dark apartment, a littler swarm of what can only be described as literary ants in our bookcase (Louisa May Alcott is a big favorite), and a little lizard taking refuge from the heat on our front porch. The insects and animals are out. Chalk one up for the tropical-jungle-desert.

Fewer roaches though, since the apartment has been exterminated (again). Now there’s a line of dead bugs around the outside perimeter. Go chemicals. Victory in spite of all terror.


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