Life clips along…

Four interesting things to share with you, this evening. Pictures are included.

Number one: Katelyn and Steve’s date-saver notice came in the mail. The first person in my friend/family circle to get married! I’m very excited, my calendar is marked. I check their wedding site every day, in case there is something new and exciting going on. Katelyn leaves her job at A.C. Moore this week for a new and exciting career at Urban Outfitters. Woot!

Number two: Care packages! Mama and Papa Hubs sent a whole box of thin mints at the beginning of the week. THEN, today, a fabulous, surprise Easter package from Omaha Steaks, courtesy of Gma and Gpa. SALMON!!!! Oh I am so excited for dinner and desert with these fantastic foods. No tamales and frijoles this weekend! No sir. We are going to buy ourselves some Guinness and have a good, ridiculous Northeastern feast!

Number three: NEW APARTMENT! We’re moving (quickly) into a bigger apartment. This move was originally scheduled a week or so into May. However, we found out this week that the May apartment fell through and there was another one available NOW. So we’re moving NOW. Just got the keys and signed the lease today. Probably won’t start the bulk of the moving until Monday. Probably won’t complete the move until a week or so into April. And Cayber’s going to come out to help me unpack/organize. SO EXCITED!

It’s a 2 bedroom, which should give us some more room to spread our stuff. We’re told it was previously inhabited by a family from India. And the lingering air of curry and spice in the kitchen backs that information. We think it’ll take a bit of work to get used to a downstairs apartment (anyone can just look in, can’t they?), but we really like the location. The apartment is a lot more secluded than the one we’re in now, and the extra bedroom should encourage out-of-town visitors!

Number four: Amazon’s Kindle. I just found out about it yesterday. This thing is why nerds like me end up living on a bare mattress, in debt, fighting rodents for food. I would gladly barter many essential goods for one of these beauties.

Have a lovely Easter weekend, and please keep Hubs in your prayers as he prepares for Monday/Tuesday’s pass-or-die exam.

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