Well-fed artist

I don’t know that I can say I’m an “artist” (yet). Before I get into that, check out the quotes people have left in this post, so far. Please leave your own. I want some.

I know it LOOKS amazing and overwhelming, but it’s really just plain awesome. Let me break it down for you:

exhibit A) In the upper, left-hand corner of the photo, you will notice a TV on. That’s not one of our many DVDs playing, there. No, folks. That’s digital cable. This may not seem like a big deal. But it is. We’ve been without cable for about 2 months. Initially, we thought we could hack it. But, you see, local channels don’t exist here. There’s nowhere to “go” at nights. We can’t walk the mall (it closes early), or head out to a corner bar. We don’t have any family or friends to visit with on a regular basis. So, we’ve really had to fall back on our (what we thought was a comprehensive) DVD collection for much of our entertainment (it’s not comprehensive).

After a close look at our finances, however, we realized that we were spending about as much on new DVD purchases every week or so as we would on 300+ channels a month with cable TV. Around the same time we happened upon this little nugget, we got an offer from the local cable company for a bundle deal (web and TV). Plus, the salesgirl on the phone was just pure luck. She applied a promo price to every possible facet of the set-up package. AND the old guy who came to set it up taught me how to say “700” and “over there” in Spanish. Nice.

exhibit B) Please note at least 3 (three) craft projects operating at once. I have room and time and entertainment. And I’ve been waiting (a while) to take out the “real” projects, spread ’em all over, and lavish some TLC on neglected ideas. So, yeah, I’m on a bit of overload with the multiple items, I admit. But I’m enjoying moving from one thing to another and back again. Keeps the juices flowin’.

exhibit C) A good 5 tons of laundry, FINALLY folded. Clean laundry has been accumulating about the apartment in large, climbable heaps for the last month. No more! It’s amazing how much I can get done when I’ve got those 5 hours in the middle of the day all to myself!

In other news: This weekend, cookout at the pool. Yeah, our pool stays open year-round. And yeah, it’s warm enough for a cook-out by the pool. I’m trying to make you jealous, see how I’m doing that? Also, Hubs is buckling down and spending any extra time studying for his upcoming “pass or die” exam. I help when I can. Our pronunciation is getting awesome. So that’s a plus.

Next on the agenda: Car research. We need one, and I’ve got time for huntin’. If anyone has any tips or suggestions, please share. Or, if you know of a used Honda Fit for sale, let me know.


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