It rains!

Not 24 hours ago, as my husband and I sat on our little balcony, enjoying a Texas dusk at a breezy (bright) 68 degrees, I expressed my desire for a good, old-fashioned thunderstorm. While this is a beautiful, warm place, it’s very dry, very sunny. Rainfall, during daylight, hasn’t occurred once in the whole of my existence in SW Texas (since 11/07).

Today, I’m eating breakfast on the crazy couch, watching a movie, and thinking, “man, the wind is howling.” But I don’t see the tops of the trees moving through the slats in the blinds. Finally, I open the door, just to check out how much fighting the Jeep and I are going to have to do to get to work safely. But it’s not windy. IT’S RAINING!

Weather.com tells me it’s a thunderstorm. And, while, I haven’t heard any thunder, it’s heavy enough to bring some on. I’m so excited. I didn’t realize how much I missed precipitation! I’ve already been outside to stand in it a few times. Our neighbors downstairs (a young couple, not from around here) are also very excited. The tropical birds are also excited. It’s an exciting day.

I doubt this will last long, but boy is it a pleasant surprise. Just thought I’d share.


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