I quit!

After an arduous month at che Chili’s, and daily prompting from my fabulous husband, I quit. My last day is next Friday. Just in time to jet up to Austin for the South by Southwest music festival!

Following a musical/visitical weekend with Txsil and her lovely family, I’m going to devote myself to full time housewifery slash crafting.

This work-hiatus may be short lived. I prefer, however, to think of it as a pre-gaming period, where I learn to love my home, and staying in it a lot. This way, I’ll be prepared when those kids start popping out (No, I’m not pregnant, again, yet. But planning ahead never hurts!).

On a side note, we just might have obtained our goal of a 2BR apartment. Nothing in stone, but May 1st is the moving date. So I’ll be packing up a bit, too!

More later. Have a fantabulous day.


One thought on “I quit!”

  1. I wish you all the luck in trying for the best gift you will ever receive. Sorry to hear about the first…just started reading. Miss ya. Dina

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