Woke up Tuesday, something not right. Before Hubs left for work, he told me if it got worse, or even stayed the same, to just go to the ER (we don’t have any docs down here, yet). Went back to sleep for a few hours, woke up with no change in condition. So I packed a long book and made my way to the local ER (one mile from our complex). Pretty much knew what was going on, but didn’t want to take the chance I was wrong, especially alone in an apartment in the middle of nowhere.

Sat in the waiting room for a while, then sat in the bed for a while. Saw a very nice, very non-English doc who gave me an idea of what to expect (blood tests and an ultrasound). Had some blood drawn by the only nurse on the floor (that guy was dynamo, he was genuinely friendly AND efficient with every patient back there). More waiting (thank you, father-in-law, for Bookswim) for blood test results (pregnant!) then more waiting. At some point I was scheduled to head out for ultrasound.

Around lunchtime, I walked the hall, and saw the doc, wandering around with a cup of coffee. As soon as he saw me, he walked up and told me he was waiting for results on another test before I went for an ultrasound. I asked for some Ibuprofin for the pain/cramping (which was getting out of hand). He told me he would, “get someone right in.” Being fluent in hospital-speak, I went back to my bed and resolved to wait out the next hour with as much grace and dignity as I could muster, and try not to be angry when the meds walked in in the hands of some crusty old aide who forgot the water. But LO! Three minutes later, the nurse walks in with an IV bag, hooks me up, and pushes some serious meds via IV. Instant relief. Also, instant love and affection for the nurse (Manuel) the doc (Dr. V) and whoever happened to walk in for pretty much the rest of the afternoon. I was not expecting that kind of response, and was greatly encouraged by it. It made the day bearable.

Text messaged Hubs to let him know my status. Got an, “I’m on my way” message. He walked in a few minutes later in full uniform, still wearing his belt, and what a relief. His training officers let him go early, without question, even drove him over (I had the Jeep). It’s amazing how everything seems like it’s going to be ok when my husband walks into the room.

Later, I was picked up by the ultrasound girl (Jenny), who was simply delightful. She was very cute, very delicate, and very careful about what she said until I told her I knew what was going on (she seemed kind of relieved). She’s not from the area, both she and her spouse work in Radiology, and she gave me the inside track on OBs in the town, which is exactly what I needed. I can’t think of a better person to get that kind of info from; neither can Hubs, neither can my mother, neither can my mother-in-law. So that was a gem of golden information.

Last visit of the day was from an OB that the ER doc called in. English was not his native language, nor did it come easily for him. I’ll be jiggered if the man completed one full sentence. He was the kind who starts one, looses his train of thought, tries to recover it, and then just starts a new one instead. I felt like I couldn’t breath after a while. In the end, I told him what happened, and he nodded gratefully.

Ultimately, Tuesday’s events make today a much less exciting Thursday than it would have been. We’re disappointed. Very.

However, we did walk away with some positives:

  • Insider’s look at the ER. And it was quite nice. Very clean, very professional, very quick to respond to my needs. Good to have that information now, rather than late in a pregnancy, when I’m in the midst of a full-out emergency, and simply must go to an ER. I’m sure it will make that kind of trip a little less stressful. And it’s just good to know generally, since it’s the only ER within 80 miles.
  • I have delicate veins, but I can do blood tests without fainting. Also, I like meds via IV. A lot. As my sister Zee says, “it’s about one of the most beautiful things God allowed to be created.”
  • The names of two competent OB/GYNs. This is actually quite a relief. It would be nice to get a doc locked in before the next pregnancy.
  • I have a sweet bruise on the back of my hand (from the nurse blowing a vein) that will impress all the kids at work.
  • I’m healthy and fertile. And now Hubs and I are more resolved than ever. Damn the man. We’re going to have an effin’ baby.

Thanks for your love, prayers, and kind words. We miss you, especially in times like this. It’s wonderful to know you’re thinking of and praying for us.

2 thoughts on “miscarriage”

  1. Practice makes perfect. And babies. Practice,practice,practice.Love that practice. And I agree with Kezziah. Beeeyootiful meds are proof that God made us smart and wants us to USE OUR BRAINS for good.

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