Horse is paid off! Geico came through with a big check, and the Honda Fit is no more. Also got a check for the difference between what Horse was worth, and what we still owed, which was GREAT. Definitely an encouragement to make the same kind of financing decisions for the next vehicle. NEVER would have worked out this good if we had gone the “easy” route with loans and payment options for the Fit.

We took a break from traveling and partying this weekend. It’s the first weekend since Hubs has been out that we haven’t had anything big to do. Had a little gathering at the local bowling alley with a few of Hubs’ work buddies on Saturday night. Other than that, we were pretty much hermits. It was lovely.

Hubs spent the last week working, studying, and sustaining injuries. The one on the bridge of the nose is a mishap from the range (can you believe it?!) for which he is already receiving copious amounts of grief. The eyebrow split is from a frisky day at the gym, where he found some eager young bucks, just aching for a guy like Hubs to teach them everything he knows about mixed martial arts.

Stayed tuned for more. We *may* be legal Texans by this time next week. And that process is sure to yield at least one good story.


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