Short Stories (very short)

I have a manager who is a scared person, very incapable of being in charge of other people because they don’t “have our back” as the kids say. Needless to say, I’m less than impressed. I try to stay out of said manager’s way. Where there is fear, panic and chaos are close at hand.

For those of you who check daily, stories regarding this boss are all I can think of to write, so here you go.

1) Head manager says to me, “Hey, Jersey, don’t take too much crap from Manager X!” Sort of a joke, said in front of Manager X. About four (inappropriate) responses enter my head immediately, none of which I use. However, rather than brush the comment off entirely, I go with the diplomatic (ie: loaded) response: “The job of any good employee is to take crap with a smile, isn’t it?” Then vanish.

2) End of a (long) night with Manager X at the helm, I’m forced into conversation. I’m told, “Hey, you gotta’ warm up to me. Everyone keeps telling me you’re this funny person, and I haven’t seen it.” Again, several responses present themselves. However, after careful (swift) deliberation, I decide to go with a classic: total silence. Pretend that statement didn’t even happen. It works (I think).

The End (x2)


One thought on “Short Stories (very short)”

  1. I like the tag “Scared Person.” Or “SP” for short. Or SFB (apparently). Love the classic silence. Sometimes that says it all…

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