SuperBowl Sunday

We both had off work on Sunday (this will be regular for me, but Hubs’ schedule will eventually change). First, we went to a new parish, 1.2 miles away from the one we’ve been attending. We decided we like the new one better, although we are even MORE the minority at this new one. Near the end of the service, the priest said something about seeing new faces and he hopes they’ll be back. We knew that was for us.

Ate lunch at Chili’s; first time dining there since becoming an employee. It was very nice. We were the first ones in the door for the day so we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Several of my coworkers got to meet Hubs, so I expect some feedback over the next day or so.

Watched the big game a few apartments down. One of Hubs’ buddies from the Academy lives in the same complex as us, and is the only one with cable. So we volunteered him as host. Several other coworkers attended. One of the wives ALSO got a job at Chili’s, so I knew at least one person! Once everyone had a few beers they all loosened up. It was good times and plenty of laughs with very little game-watching to get in the way.

Considering yesterday’s festivities, Hubs had to get up WAY too early for work (5 am wake up) And I will have to be awake WAY too late (closing at Chili’s). Some socializing with friends is always worth it, though! We had a great day!


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