The First Week in Review

No pictures. I don’t think the camera came out once the entire week. You’ll just have to do what they did back in the day: READ.

  • Hubs came back with a Jeep FULL of boxes. On Tuesday, he spent most of the day unpacking, organizing, and showing me cool stuff he collected at the Academy.
  • We went food shopping several times this week. It’s a little awe-inspiring to think how different our eating habits were when we weren’t together. Hubs was consuming somewhere around 4 to 4.5 thousand calories (and burning them all off). I was folding lots of clothes, unpacking stuff, and crafting, so microwavable Smart Ones and Diet Coke were pretty much all I ate. Needless to say, there’s been some adjustment for both of us!
  • Still haven’t gotten any kind of solid response on the whole wreck situation. I’ve been stressing about it hardcore this week. Yesterday, with Hubs’ wise input, we just decided to pay the Geico deductible and let them handle everything, rather than wait for the 3 (THREE) other insurance companies to duke it out. It’s going to make things (like food shopping) even tighter for a bit, but the peace of mind is TOTALLY worth it.
  • I am about as close as I can get to an official job at Chili’s. I was supposed to go in for orientation this morning, but got a call half-way through getting ready (about an hour ago). They had an all employee meeting come up, and didn’t want to try to jam orientation into whatever time was left. Which I appreciate. So it’s rescheduled for Monday.
  • We took care of some administrative stuff yesterday, and got all the paperwork together to get the Jeep taken care of, Texas style. We have to go to three different places for car-related stuff, which is kind of an adventure. Also discovered the reason there are so many trucks on the road in this state. New vehicle buyers get a substantial cut off the price if they buy a truck. Truck owners also get a tax break when registering their vehicles (a pretty sweet one). So, if/when we look for another vehicle (it’ll be a while) it will probably be a truck. Can’t you see me in an F450?
  • Some of Hubs’ buddies have started working, and haven’t reported too much excitement yet. Apparently it’s a crawl/walk/run system of training, which is nice. What we HAVE heard is that the local guys know everything about the rookies’ past year. Which is probably going to be bad for some, and probably not bad at all for Hubs. Probably pretty good, actually.
  • Ultimately, work is a good thing. While I would be content to craft for another month or so, both of us are getting a little stir crazy. Hubs wants to get started, new hurdles to decimate and all that. And I’m very VERY glad to have something to focus on other than when and how I’m going to get some kind of closure regarding the wreck.

Yee ha!


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