Austin: Weekend Getaway

We traveled up to the Austin area (with Hubs’ parents) to visit Txbil, Txsil, and the kids. We had a LOVELY time. Everyone was pleased as punch to see Hubs after his long confinement. As a bonus, Hubs and I got to go out to a sweet bar/music venue in downtown Austin on Saturday night. The music was great (quite a bit better than the average Philly bar scene) and Txbil and Txsil met up with us for a bit. All around, we had a great time. We’re both very glad to have family within a day’s drive.

Hubs is busy looking good (The awesome Speed Racer t-shirt is courtesy of Cayber.)and keeping fit. He’s enjoying his week off IMMENSELY. He got more accumulated leave than most of the other guys so he doesn’t have to report to work until next Monday. It’s awesome to have him all to myself ALL WEEK. I’m sure he’ll be going stir crazy in another 48 hours or so, but plenty of his buddies are due to start trickling in starting tonight. There should be enough to keep us busy! I have a bunch of people to meet and impress!

In Rae news, showed up at Chili’s today for a personality/ math/ aptitude test. Pretty sure I passed. At any rate, the manager told me to report in on Saturday morning for orientation. So it looks like I have a job! I was told I’d be trained in a bunch of different positions (food-checker, server, hostess, etc…) Wasn’t actually given a specific position that I’d be hired for. Hubs thinks that’s because they’re going to make me a manager. Wouldn’t that be just fab?

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