How Do You Feel Today?

Remember those magnetic boards? I’ll make one eventually (Mom, that was one of my FAVORITE events as a kid. SO MUCH FUN). But today, just two faces.

FRUSTRATED: The first face is directed at all the stuff I can’t fix today, including but not limited to the following: 1) car is smashed and useless 2) despite uselessness of car, I’m still making (large) payments on it 3) insurance agents still haven’t figured out who’s paying what and when 4) I don’t speak Spanish 5) English degrees (without teaching certificates) are pretty much useless here 6) unpleasantly surprised by cell phone bill, which reflects the first full month far from everyone (and longer than usual phone convos) AND a major car wreck with phone calls to every related company under the sun.

ELATED: 1) Hubs is home in 1 day and a wake up! 2) Chocolate chip cookie dough AND beer in the fridge (a winning combo, if ever there was one) 3) No paperwork or information concerning the car is pressing; I get a breather 4) I’m alive and all my limbs work 5) All service industries in this town are staffed with people who are able and willing to speak English to me 6) I have plenty of time to craft (and I’ve been putting it to good use) 7) I get to visit with Hubs’ parents HERE, in our new home WITH HUBS 8) Whole week with Hubs before he has to report to work (thank you, prior-military-leave-boost) 9) It’s a sunny 70 degrees today (don’t be jealous, you can throw it back at me in August).

There’s more to be elated at, but I have to clean. I’ve been living like a hermit for the past few weeks and I have to get the apartment ready for a spouse and for entertaining guests.

What do you think?

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