2008 (so far) in pics

Wednesday, Jan 2: The Audubon chapter comes to visit with my cousin’s pretty baby (who is now a toddler). Great fun had by all.

Thursday, Jan 3: Zee, Cayber, and I go shopping, and read a lot. Prose and Hawk (?) got Maximum Ride for Christmas, but Zee, Cayber and I stole all the books and spent most of the day reading. Also admired Grandpa’s brand new hollow-body electric, hot off the press. The man is an artist.

Friday, Jan 4, morning: Off to Paul Stankard’s studio, where we were given a tour by Mr. Stankard (He and Grandpa go way back). It was an inspirational visit. We were shown all around both Stankard Studio and their home. After we got home, all of us wanted to make something!

Evening: Cousins gather from all corners of the east coast for a movie/sleepover night.

Saturday, Jan 5: Fly most of the day (thank you, Southwest Airlines, for the lack of connections). I rode on a “continuing service” flight that stopped in Tampa before moving on to San Antonio. As the Philly-to-Tampa passengers got off, I reassigned my seating and met up with a former Gap coworker who was also flying to San Antonio. Not much conversation, but it was really nice to see a familiar face, even if it was only vaguely familiar!

The drive home, for hours, in the dark, was difficult. But, once again, I felt a sense of relief (and some elation, I must admit), when the lights of my little city appeared on the horizon. I’m starting to like this place, if for no other reason than because it means my own bed (and soon, Hubs!) The ants had a party in the bathtub while I was gone but kindly committed seppuku before my return. I’m not clear on what the attraction is, especially because no ants seem to make it out of the bathroom alive.

(Today) Sunday, Jan 6: Mass at the church with the Italian priest from Pennsylvania. Picked up an application at Kohl’s (I want clothing discounts. It’s that simple.) and browsed a bit. Shopped Wal-Mart (like a ghost town, and I’m not sure why). Baked some cookies. I’m getting into the groove here. In a while, I’m going to clean up. Maybe vacuum!

HUBS is extremely excited to be almost done. His class party was yesterday (and consumed most of the day/night). Today he’s getting his uniform up to the highest standards, studying, laundry, and a little packing. Seems to be flying high on the fumes of the last weekend ever. Graduation is Thursday, and then I get to take him home!!!!!

I. Cannot. Freaking. Wait.

One thought on “2008 (so far) in pics”

  1. COOOOKIIEEESS. Mmmm.Re: ants — Don’t you love the South? Eternal war against crawly beasties.I had an ant problem in my apartment here. They came OUT of the water pipes in the bathroom. I never could figure out how this was possible, but I started leaving standing water in the sink (their point of entry)and eventually they stopped.They also invaded the hvac vents in that apartment, and boy was that creepy. They left food alone and only seemed to seek water. Their favorite target was my coffee pot. Let me tell you THAT horror story sometime, as in “hey, that’s not coffee grounds filling up that filter…”

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