Adios, 2007!

The past few days have been full of activity. On Saturday night, Zee, the cousins, and the friends made our way to Philadelphia. We drank and were merry. Some of Zee‘s friends from the Academy were there so we got instant additions to our festivities. Found out later that a few of them are stationed about an 45 minutes away from Hubs and I!

After drinking, we decided to eat. Of course, if we were going to be eating in Philadelphia, in the wee hours of the morning, it had to be cheesesteaks. At Pat’s, we encountered a yellow “drunk bus,” housing an entire wedding party, including the bride and groom. Why they decided to get on a drunk bus and get cheesesteaks after their wedding, rather than taking off, we could not determine. And the bride (who looked like an angry snow-beast) did NOT appreciate Zee‘s rendition of “Going to Pat’s,” sung to the tune of “Goin‘ to the Chapel.” Nor did the bride appreciate the entire crowd at Pat’s spontaneously taking up the chorus.

Sunday was a family day. We opened presents and spent most of the day enjoying them. New board games had to be tested (and rules totally ignored, as usual). Zee and I took a trip up, and had a nice visit with the Audubon chapter during the afternoon lull. Us kids stayed up late into the night playing Catch-Phrase and watching movies. The next morning, everyone slept in (there are 4 people in that pic).

Monday, last day of 2007. Played more games during the day. Around dinner time, Dad took the kids to Five Guys for a celebratory dinner. We toasted the Old Year. Saturday night’s group showed up later, to ring in the new year. The legal adults were out and about, though Dad and Mom did turn in before midnight (though NOT before enjoying a few premium mixed drinks).

Myself, I caught some kind of bug, and didn’t make it to midnight. Had a rough go, and didn’t sleep much, but I’m feeling better today! Only 9 days until Hubs and I are reunited!

HUBS NEWS: 1) One of the last tests completed. All that’s left in that class is a progress exam and a final! Yet another milestone, passed in triumph! 2) Several supervisors have taken a shine to Hubs. A few have had discussions with him about his career (YEARS down the road). His workouts (“crazy” is the term most often used to describe) have also been mentioned in a favorable light on more than one occasion. All of this is sort of quietly exciting, as it’s a big fraternity, and Hubs is making a good, solid name for himself very early. So proud! So proud! 3) Apparently, the driving course is turning out to be more fun than expected. High speed chases, obstacle courses, and night driving are just a few of the offerings. 4) Hubs’ parents are going to to come out for his graduation (NEXT WEEK!!!!!), and then we’re going to do a bit of Texas visiting: clocking many driving hours, and enjoying the company of family all the more because of it. {To the left, a pic of Hubs on spray day. Notice the position of attention.}

I’m so excited to have Hubs almost done, for me to be in New Jersey for a while, and for us to have experienced such an exciting, wonderful year. I’m extremely grateful to have survived it, not just in one piece, but thriving, and with much hope for things to come!

Happy New Year!


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