A Wedding!

Saturday, right at noon, Njsil and Njbil (sister-in-law and brother-in-law) had their marriage consecrated at the chapel in St. Margaret’s (the original vows occurred in Vegas). It was a beautiful ceremony, very simple and very meaningful. Despite the brief timespan, nearly everyone managed to shed a few tears. And the noon bells started ringing right as they walked down the aisle!

Lunch at Telford was wonderful. Many stories shared, and lots of laughter.

Final thoughts: 1) Njsil looks amazing. Absolutely stunning. 2) Cshe and Che are some of the most well-behaved, entertaining kids we know. 3) My family loves my husband’s family. 4) Njbil’s epiphany story:

“My favorite fish was dead, I had 102 temperature, and I thought, ‘What’s the meaning of life? I’m in love with Njsil.'”

was pretty much the best story we’ve ever heard. We’ve retold it several times in the last 24 hours.

Congrats to the whole family. Thanks for sharing your special day with us!


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