Christmas! (aka: Fun with Links)

What a fabu holiday!

Got to spend a wonderful weekend with Txsil and fam. Saturday night they showed me all around their brand new home. It’s awe-inspiring, and feels very, very inviting. The fridge was the highlight of the tour; it measures the exact amount of water it’s pouring into your cup, and has a screen saver.

Sunday, went to church with the fam, where I enjoyed some foot-stomping music. After lunch at a cool deli, Txsil and I got to painting the baby’s room. It was Txsil’s first time and she did awesome! We managed to get the whole room finished (BY OURSELVES) before dark. It was a major accomplishment, and the pink turned out oh-so-cute.

M and I set up his blog once the painting was done. It is a fantastical underwater adventure, right at your fingertips. After dinner (Chili’s, it’s my destiny) the boys and I played a mean game of charades in the game room (we were having too much fun for Txsil not to join in). This family can hold its own with my mine, that’s how good they are. Highlight of the game was when we ditched the rules, board, and dice, and just did charades straight from the cards. That’s how we roll.

Txbil spent most of Sunday afternoon creating an awe-inspiring home entertainment experience. So, of course, (to test it out, make sure all the parts were working) I stayed up late Sunday night watching the latest Bourne movie (thumbs up) with Txsil, Txbil and the baby. The system includes (but is not limited to) a super huge HDtv, 100+ channels on digital cable, and surround sound with a woofer box you could fit a kid into. It was an experience. W came down around 11:30 to let us know they couldn’t sleep because their whole room was shaking!

Left the Austin area early Monday morning and drove to see Hubs in the next state over. The state of Texas, in daylight, makes for a wonderful trip. Hubs and I drove up to Roswell, to an eatery that featured about 25 beers on tap (reminded me of Olde City bars) for our Christmas Eve feast. We each enjoyed some beer, all the more delicious for NOT being Bud-Light (the only option at a lot of places out here). Hubs had ribs (all of the beef here is VERY fresh) and I tried chile posole. I got through half the bowl before I had to give up. It’s a new goal for me, though, to finish a whole serving.

Christmas morning dawned bright and early. Thanks to awesome Njsil, we had gifts to open! Hubs wanted to open the presents RIGHT AWAY (see left), especially because I flat refused to allow any unwrapping/peeking on Christmas Eve. We settled on opening the “us” gift before Holiday Inn’s exorbitant continental breakfast, and our individual gifts after food (because we were both kind of hungry, even though it was only quarter after 6). Turns out our gift was a South Park Christmas Extravaganza gift set, complete with compilation DVDs and a trivia game. So of course, we had to play a round of South Park Trivia. Keeping with the theme of holiday games, we ended up ditching the rules and just reading each other trivia questions from the cards.

After breakfast, more presents! Hubs got a ridiculously attractive henley-type shirt (which is also very comfortable, according to all reports) and I got a new pair of Vans! This was perfect timing, since my very first pair (pink checks and skulls) had to be tossed before I left NJ, due to total shoe-failure. I have had NO Vans to coordinate with all of the pink I have been wearing for the past few years. (I started wearing pink in college, to lure the general public into the impression that I am cute and cuddly. It’s been working like a charm.) Now, I can outfit myself in style AND comfort once again. Needless to say, I was delighted. Hubs was, too.

Then we made many calls, to say our Merry Christmases, and got to talk to all the fams.

For lunch, Chinese. For dinner, fast food. Otherwise, we spent the majority of Christmas day watching TV marathons (the Dog Whisperer was a favorite) and making each other laugh. It was wonderful. We left the hotel around 11 pm to drop him back off at work, and it was SNOWING! What an excellent end to a wonderful Christmas!

Drove most of the day Wednesday, back to home. It really is home, now. I can tell because I feel a sense of relief when I start seeing “my” landmarks.

Watched South Park for HOURS last night. This morning was challenging for several reasons. The hot water still isn’t working, and it’s in the 40’s today (COLD). Got a notice from San Antonio Police that Horse is up for auction on January SECOND. Made several calls, talked to the wonderfully sympathetic woman from the impound lot, shed a few tears, dealt with it. At least for a few weeks. Then I called my Mom. Then Dad called. With Mom’s sympathy, and Dad’s council, I feel much better.

Working my tail off to get ready to fly to NJ. I have to leave at 3 am tomorrow morning to make it to San Antonio for my flight! Thank goodness for naps. They are the best invention ever. Naps on a plane, even better.

As a parting gift, my new favorite TV personality. (I want a dog. We kept the plant alive for a year. According to Sandra Bullock’s therapist in 28 Days, now we get to have a dog.)


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