Last post before Happy Christmas?

Hubs reports that his morning shower re-activated the chemicals from Spray Day (see left), so it was not the best of wake-ups. He was pretty upbeat, regardless. It helps that spraying is done, it’s Friday, Christmas is next week, and graduation is less than 3 weeks away!

NO HOT WATER in the apartment. The best it has managed is lukewarm. I am a big fan of almost-scalding showers, so this is kind of like torture for me. Every day I have to make a decision between dirty or miserable. So far, I’ve been a good little soldier. But if it isn’t “fixed real soon,” (as management promises it will be) I just might literally be Dirty Jersey.

Doesn’t matter until after Christmas anyway, because I’m hitting the road! Txsil and her fam have invited me for the weekend. They just moved into a new house, and are having a “home makeover” party on Sunday. And I’m psyched! I get to paint! It’s been so long! Then, on Monday, I’m driving up to see Hubs.

I’ll actually be out and about quite a bit over the next few weeks (fly to NJ the Friday after Christmas), so I made some attempts to get things “done” around here so I don’t have to scramble before Hubs’ graduation. Mom hung curtains in the LR before she left:

It’s made such a difference in the lighting that I vowed to get bedroom curtains up today. Of course, that meant that I basically had to clean/unpack pretty much all the residual stuff left in the bedroom. Mom and I focused on the kitchen, living room, office/dining/craft area while she was here. The most “we” got to in the bedroom was Mom hanging (and inventing) shelving. So, today, I bit the bullet and made it happen. Before is on the left, after on the right (you can click on any photo if you want a bigger picture to admire):

Yes, it’s the same room, and yes I did it all myself. I’m pleased as punch!

When I get bored, or I am actually finished a project, which is happening more and more since Mother came and went, I do my favorite activity ever. CRAFTING! And, although the bedroom looks amazing, the living room has accumulated a bunch of stuff that needs looking after, as a result.

I made some little bird-beads. I think they turned out really well.

AND, as a final note, I spoke with the insurance company for the other guy today. Looks like things are going to work out OK, if not great, concerning Horse. Don’t have a lot of details, but ask me about it in person. I’m happy, because I think things are going about as well as they could be, considering the situation.

Next real post probably won’t be until at least after Christmas. But it will be a good one, filled with adventures!


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