The Mom is Gone (and other news)

Camera is on the fritz, so there will be no pictures today. Let me assure you all, however, the apartment looks like a real apartment now, rather than a storage shed.

With Mother’s gentle prodding, I made a few small steps in job hunting on Monday. I was scared out of my mind; this is the first time in my life where my sparkling personality, stunning looks, and brilliant intellect aren’t enough to get a job. Turns out that most businesses in the suburbs of a huge Mexican city require fluency in Spanish.

Nevertheless, I gave it the old college try. Spoke with a rep (on the phone) from the big bank in town. She seemed very lukewarm, but promised to send an application. A college degree gets me automatically upgraded from “teller” to “account-opener-person.” That’ll be nice if it works out. ALSO drove over to the local Chili’s (the nicest restaurant in town, remember?) and made a fabulous impression on their general manager. His eyes glazed over a little bit when he figured out where I came from and how “useful” I was with my unilingualness. But then he told me a story about a Chili’s he managed near an AF base, and how all the wives worked there, and what a wonderful, golden age that was because they were all fantastic (ie: older, experienced, motivated). Then he shook his head a little, stopped gazing off into the distance, and spent the next 5 minutes trying to figure out where he could put me. Ultimately, (and he was very delicate about it) I’m no good as a server, because I don’t know a lick of Spanish. BUT he’s willing to hire me anyway, and he’s just going to find a spot for me. THAT’S HOW AMAZING I AM. (And, to be frank, how amazing prayer is. Who says, “well, whatever, we’ll find a spot for you no matter what”? I gotta’ remember to use the prayer thing more often.)

In celebration, Mom and I took a rest from a week of unpacking and organizing, and had a movie marathon.

So, Monday was an encouraging day. I’ll continue hunting when Hubs is home (so soon!) Then there will be someone in the house who will listen when I sob uncontrollably after a string of “no”.

Tuesday, drove Ma to San Antonio airport. The Jeep made it there and back without any problems, for which I am grateful. Mom’s plane had an oil leak, so they had to de-plane and re-plane (I was already on my way back, so I couldn’t help with that…) but she eventually made it to Philly, and to a date-night at Race Street with her Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome (that would be my father).

Driving is an interesting exercise, now. I’m very skittish, and have weird reactions to things. When someone is coming up behind me quickly, I have a mini-panic attack. I have to say, though, it’s getting better every day. It’s not a constant preoccupation now, like it was the first week. I’m a little surprised at how much driving still bothers me, but I guess it’s to be expected. When all else fails, I just say, “Hey, spaz, you’re alive! Chill out!” That works.

1) Apartment is sweet.
2) See Hubs in less than a week.
3) Christmas. It rocks.
4) To NJ in less than 2 weeks.
5) See fam all together!
6) See Hubs’ NJ family all together.
7) NJ SIL event! (!!!)
8) See TX SIL and fam (?)
9) Hubs’ graduation (with flying colors).
10) HUBS COMES HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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