This is a cool, fun game. Moms, show your kids. I’m thinking specifically of nieces, nephews, and young redheaded cousins.

To play: (The website is in Chinese or something, so if you know that, don’t bother reading my instructions.) Click on the link below after you’ve read the instructions. Then, click on the big blue circle in the lower, right-hand corner.

The rules are as follows:

  • The raft can only carry up to 2 people.
  • Mom can’t be with the boys unless Dad is there.
  • Dad can’t be with the girls unless Mom is there.
  • The robber can’t be alone with any Family member (the Police has to be with them).
  • Only Mom, Dad, and Police know how to operate the raft.
  • To move the raft, pull the lever next to it.

It takes a while, and it’s tricky, but you can do it!

Ready? Click right here!


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