Day 2 (or: How I spent my Mother’s vacation)

Ware a woman with expanding foam! We got back from shopping last night and Mom went to mouse prevention right away. The refrigerator and the stove both moved, MANY holes were patched, and we’re fairly confident that we’ve sealed all regular rodent entry points.

Aside from that, we cleaned, cleared all the boxes out of the dining area, all the boxes out of the living area, organized hundreds of records (real records, like vinyl).

Today’s goal: organize hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of CDs. And do laundry. The apartments don’t have individual washer-dryer units; the complex hosts 3 laundromats. So it’s many trips out there today, to get all the linens and musty clothes clean.

HUBS NEWS: Last night was night shooting, not night driving.

“It was Wyatt Earp style. And I got to drive really fast. It was AWESOME!”

Today’s event is a big deal. All the kids at camp are very nervous about it. Hubs is going into warrior mode: very serious, very focused, very intense. Thank goodness they get weekends off! He’s going to need it.

26 days and counting!


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