RIP: Horse; 8/5/07 to 12/5/07

I think we can all agree that it’s awesome I’m alive and able to make light of this situation. Please don’t be fooled by my cavalier demeanor; I’m freaking out about a number of things right now including but not limited to a) my severely inhibited range of motion, b) my newfound dependence on Motrin, c) anxiety attacks when any driver is following me closer than 100 yards back, d) two people, 8 hours apart, sharing 1 vehicle, e) brand new (amazing) car = toast.

For those of you not too familiar with the story, I shall take you though it, briefly, using the diagram below.

Start: Rae (driving in unfamiliar San Antonio to get her car checked out and Texas inspected at a CERTIFIED DEALERSHIP) stops (in the slow lane) at a stop light. She checks her rearview mirror, and sees a brand new yellow school-bus coming up behind her, way too fast. She thinks, “I’m going to get hit.”

2: Rae (already hit) finds herself past the intersection, in the fast lane, headed for the median. Steers toward the shoulder.

3: Bus pulls over to the shoulder. Hood is up.

4: Rae, on shoulder, puts Horse in neutral, engages the parking break, checks for her phone and opens the car door. Remembers her keys, gets out of the car. Calls 911.

While on the phone with 911 (picking glass off her face, noticing blood on her clothes), actually looks back at Horse. Rear view is not encouraging. Gets off the phone with 911, sits down in the grass. People start to flock.

Stories of note (so I don’t forget):

–When being treated by EMTs at the scene, they ask me why my plates are NJ plates. I explain that I just moved to Texas 6 days ago. They all emit a groan, then the lady holding my head says, “oh honey, Texas is better than this.”

–At some point during the hubbub on the ground, a good 5 to 10 minutes after I’m out of the car, the school-bus driver walks up and says, “are you OK?”

–On the ambulance, before it leaves the scene, I ask an EMT to get my camera and take a picture of my car. He gives me the eyebrow face and assures me that the insurance inspector will take car of that. I tell him, “but sir, I need a shot for my scrapbook.” {Photos above courtesy of random EMT.}

–I made a nurse at the ER look at the pictures of Horse.

Final thoughts:–The bus was brand new, being delivered to its home school district by a transport company. No kids.

–I got 2 days of QT with Hubs’ sister and her family, which never would have happened otherwise. They were awesome.

–I’m alive. Sweet.


6 thoughts on “RIP: Horse; 8/5/07 to 12/5/07”

  1. I miss you..and am sorry i didn’t know about your accident sooner…i hope that you are ok..but this blog is hilarious…it’s like a little piece of you everyday! MUAH!-Va aka LL

  2. The photo of you on the stretcher is just so…Rachel. And LOL to the internal comments upon seeing the bus coming up in your rearview mirror. Our brains are so calm when there’s no time to react! I had an accident once where I clearly remember having the thought (as my little geo bounced off of several trees) “Wow, this is just like Speed Racer…”

  3. Hey Rachel,I can’t believe you got in an accident 6 days after you got down there…. I’m glad that you’re ok!! I’m sure that you’ll be off of Motrin before you know it.This blog thing is neato!-Katie

  4. Rachael,I agree with your Dad they were tough to see and I’m glad you are ok. I still can’t believe you had the EMT take pics for the scrapbook. Too funny! The blog is very cool.

  5. Oh, dear Lord. These pictures of you and your “horse” were tough to take. Thank God, thank God. Thank Kristie, too, and Bob. I think you should resist any talk by the insurer about “fixing” the car. We went through that once. No, no, no, no, no. No fixee. I’m so sorry. I’m so glad you are alive and not paralyzed. I’m so glad the EMTs were kind. I’m so glad it’s only a month until Nason is done and living there in Eagle Pass. Love, Dad.

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